Claims, Complaints, and Crying

After a brief hiatus, we are ready to roll with fresh batch of compliance hot takes for your enjoyment.  While I was away, I was reminded of how cruel the world can be sometimes.  You see, I was dealing with the fall out of two of my friends, who happen to be roommates, who had gotten sideways when one started dating a girl, was subsequently dumped by her, after which the other one started dating her, after which, he too was dumped by her.  As you might imagine, there were hurt feelings, grumblings, curses, and complaints leveled at all parties involved.  

As a natural mediator, I felt it my duty to try to comfort and console my aggrieved pals, and so I got together individually with them a few times to try to help sort things out and get them back speaking to each other.  I met one at the apartment.  As he cooked his dinner, he seemed to begin to tear up as he related his sad story of woe...When I asked if he was ok...he responded.."I'm not crying.  I've just been cutting onions.  I'm making a lasagna.  For one."  At this, the onions proceeded to cause a severe reaction.  I didn't seem to be much help, so I decided to leave.  I said goodbye as he bit into his small lasagna, noticing a tear rolling once again down his eye.  He said, "I'm not crying.  This lasagna is just burning the roof of my mouth."  

I thought, perhaps, that maybe I'd be more help to my other friend, who seemed less disposed to emotional outbursts.  He wanted to go for a run, so, even though I'm not what you would call "in good shape" I agreed to go with him.  I quickly realized that the jogging path we were on was the one that the ex-girlfriend frequented, particularly when she sped quickly past us on the dirt trail.  After she passed, I realized that I was jogging alone.  Looking back, I noticed my friend rubbing his eyes.  I asked if he was ok, and he responded, "I'm not crying. There's just a little bit of dust in my eye, from the path that she made as she ran quickly by."  We decided to quit exercising and went to a local pub for wings and beer instead.  Little did i know  that the ex-girlfriend worked there.  As she placed down our third order of all you can eat wings, he reached out to hold her hand.  She pulled it away and looked at him..."Wait," she said, "are you crying?" He responded, "I'm not weeping because you won't hold my hand, for your information I accidentally rubbed some hot sauce in my tear gland."  

After that, and 4 more orders of wings, I waddled sadly home.  As a laid down that night, I thought about my friends.  I thought about how, everyone, not just roommates who date and are dumped by the same women have problems.  I thought about how we all, at times, have legitimate grievances against people who may have hurt or wronged us in some way.  It is the same with the consumers we interact with on a daily basis.  Sometimes, we may make a mistake and inadvertently injure them.  Maybe by losing their personal property, or damaging their vehicle, or making a comment that struck them as hurtful. 

As a company, we have to take these claims and complaints seriously.  And we do! We have an amazing process for handling claims and complaints.

As I tried to get to sleep that night, I thought, as my body began to reject the 7.5 pounds of nuclear hot wings coated in bleu cheese dressing and accompanying crispy boys, that we even hurt ourselves sometimes.  As I raced to the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror...a single tear streaked my face.  I whispered to myself, "I'm not crying.  I't just raining on my face."   

(a big thanks to Flight of the Conchords for the subject matter)