At United, we are firm believers that work does not have to be a daily grind.

Combining hard work, fun, and a great environment, our team produces amazing work while actually enjoying their day to day.  Our eight team building blocks Unite us in achieving achieving great things.



We believe that happy, healthy, and engaged team members are able to provide superior service to our clients and customers.



We believe in the power of innovation, out-of-the box ideas, and bucking convention in the pursuit of excellence.



We believe in education and learning which opens the door to opportunities for growth as individuals.



We believe in honesty and truth, without which we cannot win the respect of others.



We hold ourselves accountable by taking ownership of our actions.



We accomplish more by working together.


Hard Work

We go above and beyond to ensure the job gets done.


Service to Others

We believe in sharing our success with those a little less fortunate.

We also believe that hard work should be bolstered by activities that promote healthy minds, bodies, communities and relationships.


Ping Pong Culture

The United Pong Association made it’s official debut in 2016.  What began as few folks trying to win a hastily organized tournament on a ping pong table that was supported by a stack of stickie notes has morphed into a full fledged ping pong league.   


Did Someone Say "Food Truck?"

Our food truck Fridays are always a hit with our team with a different truck every other week. You might see a coffee & donut truck, a Peruvian food truck, tapas, tacos, or ice cream! The culinary opportunities are endless (at least on Fridays).     


Decorating Contests are Really a Thing

We'll use just about any reason to decorate our offices. When Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July, or Mardi Gras roll around we always take the time for a little decorating challenge. Last year's Christmas winner was an entire department dressed like the Griswolds.

We Love our BBQ...a LOT.

BBQ is our thing and we look for opportunities to fire up the company approved smokers to produce World Champion BBQ (really, we are World Champions). We love to cook BBQ and share our love with others any time we have a chance.