This is Bob. Bob is a cool guy and also a Marine from the Bronx.  He put down roots in the South, started United in 1973, and has become an icon in the Recovery & Remarketing industry working with most of the nation's major banks, captive finance companies, and lending institutions. 

Bob started United as a family business and over the years, even thru tremendous growth, we've worked hard to keep the family feel within our walls with both our employees and with our clients. 


What began as a mom & pop towing and and repossession company has now grown into a family of companies which provide a full range of direct repossession, nationwide forwarding, and automotive remarketing services.  Bob's son, Kevin, once told his 2nd grade class that his dad stole cars for a living. Now Kevin is our COO and we do a lot more than just "steal" we offer a full range of repossession services, both direct & nationwide, as well as skip tracing, and automotive remarketing (that means we sell vehicles for banks).


Boots on the Ground

United, perhaps because of Bob’s Marine mentality, takes a “boots on the ground” approach to our business.  Bob still walks thru the entire building multiple times a day to talk directly with all associates and finds out the current situation with clients, vendors, agents, etc.  Further our “boots on the ground” is evident in our 42 branch locations and 100+ repossession trucks, camera cars, and rollback wreckers.  This experience as a direct repossession provider gives us a unique perspective in the nationwide servicing side of our business.  We use what we have learned in the field to better serve our clients and nationwide repossession partners.   


Family First

While United has grown substantially from its beginnings, it remains a “family business” in every sense.  United team members are treated like a part of a large extended family, which is a big reason for the organization’s sustained growth.  At United, we understand that our associates are our greatest asset. That’s why, as an organization, part of our strategy for success is dependent on hiring, training, developing, and retaining the amazing individuals who make up our company.  We believe that positive and engaged team members provide better value and customer service to our clients and partners. An engaged, creative and passionate workforce is largely what separates United from our competitors in the industry and is what makes United….well….United.   


Agents: On the Front Lines for United

“We hire talent and attitude, and then we train the process, laws, technology, and applications we use.” - Bob Wilson

Over the years and through the tremendous growth there has been one constant, our agents. Without the best agents in the industry we wouldn’t be able to provide our clients with the best service in the repossession industry. These talented men and women continue Bob’s tradition of “boots on the ground” of our day to day operation and continuously bring their unique set of skills to the “battle.”

Years ago a new repossession agent was hired, would ride with another agent for a night or two and then was released into the field. Our agents are different. Our agents are highly trained and skilled professionals who have been certified by our Field Operations Team.

The bottom line, we wouldn’t be the company we are without our agents in the field.